Sunday, December 26, 2010

~ heart boken ~

if i mean the world to you ~
why you never appreciate me ~~
and let me go ~

you  are the one who broke my heart into pieces ~
and i don't need u to fix it ~

loving you hurts my heart too ~
if i never knew loving someone would be this pain ~
i won't love anyone ~
especially you ~

it's not bullshit when you really mean it when you say it ~
those word are very meaningful ~
if deep down inside you heart, u mean it

i know you have feelings for me ~
but at least show me some mercy ~
stop hurting me ~
i'm begging u ~

p/s : this is not first time you 
hurt me 
let me go ~


  1. biase la kak ~
    org khianat cinta ~
    adoi ~

  2. xmo sedey2 k...
    sis always ada tok hiburkn at.. =)